Customer Relationship Management is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with customers. It is strong personal bonding within people to create a better and deeper bond with Toyota customers in Pakistan; Toyota Shahrah-e-Faisal Motors look for to building personal and emotional link between the organization and its customers so to identify the actual needs of customers and to help them serve in a better way. We feel glad to listen to customer’s concern, questions, suggestions and feedback and take prompt actions in satisfying our customer’s needs. Our Customer Relations Department keeps an eye at every single detail related to our customers as we believe making and keeping customers satisfied has benefits that stretch beyond simply having satisfied patrons. Our well groomed and co-operative Customer Relations Team is always open to every idea or suggestion to improve our product & services. We pay utmost attention to customers every commendation, complaint, claim and provide the appropriate processing as early as possible for immediate customer satisfaction.

TSFM CR Management Support Responsibilities

We build our customer’s trust by our fair handling and work commitment especially dealing in areas of “Inquiries & Complaints”. Our Customer Relations Department supports its customers in following ways;

  • By providing one window to our valuable customers where all their problems are resolved in time.
  • Ensuring swift and efficient handling of customer’s “Inquiries and Complaints”.
  • Securing our clientele by making “Voice of the Customer” a strong base for further customer rejuvenation and revival.
  • Building a positive image of company by keeping customers “updated and well informed” to support our Sales & Service activities.


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